ZOYA Z Wide Brush

  • ZOYA Z Wide Brush ZTCPBR001FL ZOYA Z Wide Brush ZTCPBR001FL

    ZOYA Z Wide Brush

    Z Wide Brush by ZOYA. The NEW Patent Pending Z-WIDE Efficiency fan brush was created for quicker and more even nail polish application to medium and large size nails. The Z-WIDE brush contains 60% more bristles than the Zoya Z-Classic precision brush which is the professional default brush that comes with Zoya Nail Polish and Treatment. Bonus? the new Z-WIDE brush fits all Zoya 0.5oz bottles so switching is easy! Efficiency: The new ZOYA Z-Wide Brush offers faster and easier application of nail polish. Ideal for larger nail plates. How It Compares: The Original Z-Classic Brush is the classic professional brush that comes with each ZOYA polish. Perfect for precision control, nail art and French tips. How To Use • Remove existing combined cap and brush from your Zoya bottle and replace with new Z-Wide Efficiency brush. Wait 5 minutes before applying to nail. Additional Details Product Type: Wide Nail Polish Brush SKU: ZTCPBR001FLUPC: 765011058951 Made in the U.S.A.



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