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Lash Curlers & Combs

  • professional lash curler - ardell - lashes

    Ardell Professional Lash Curler

    Professional Lash Curler by Ardell


  • LA Girl Lash Curler LA Girl Lash Curler

    LA Girl Lash Curler

    Lash Curler by LA Girl Cosmetics. Perfect your lashes with LA Girl's Pro Lash Curler. The curve is suitable for all eye shapes & sizes for maximum curl with ease. The curler’s extra wide opening helps prevent pinching & pulling. Contains 1 replacement silicone pad.


  • CALA Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

    CALA Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

    Eyelash Curler by Cala Cosmetics Rose Gold Collection. A cult-favorite, eyelash curler to curl lashes for a beautiful look. CALA Eyelash Curler features a curved head for superior lift and curling. Soft Contoured handles ensure precise positioning and controlled grip. • Reaches the smallest and most challenging lashes.• Flexible silicon rubber pads.• Gentle & Safe on the lashes.• Includes 2 refile pads. How To Use • Spread curler loops to widen curler opening, then position the Contoured bar near base of upper lashes.• Gently but firmly squeeze loops together and hold lashes in curler for twenty seconds, then release. Additional Details Product Type: Eyelash Curler For Use On: Eyelashes SKU: 50951 UPC: 616513509512


  • Babe Original Lash Curler Babe Original Lash Curler

    Babe Original Lash Curler

    Lash Curler by Babe Original. Give your lashes some extra pop! This lash curler has a universally-fitted arch that works on all eye shapes, with an ultra-comfortable removable silicon pad (+ 2 replacements!) that can be disinfected and switched out every 6 months. Benefits:🤍 Curled, lifted lashes for an instant confidence boost🤍 Comes with 3x silicone pads🤍 Universal arch fitted to suit all eye shapes


  • Babe Original Lash Separator Babe Original Lash Separator

    Babe Original Lash Separator

    Lash Separator by Babe Original. Say goodbye to clumpy Lashes forever. Use this lash comb to gently glide through freshly-mascara’d Lashes to brush away any clumps and lumps for the perfect fanned out Lashes, every single time. Benefits:🤍 Brush away any clumps and fan out your Lashes.🤍 Suitable to be used with all mascaras.🤍 Easy to clean + reusable ♻️



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