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  • Sale -50% pre-hon lotion - gigi - skincare & body

    GiGi Pre-Hon Lotion

    GiGi Pre Hon is the first step for effective hair removal. Formulated to cleanse the skin of make-up, deodorants and body oils, its special anti-microbial ingredients help protect skin from irritation. For use with all GiGi hair removal systems. Item Number: #0700Net Weight 8 oz / 236 mL


  • Sale -50% pre-epilating oil - gigi - skincare & body

    GiGi Pre-Epilating Oil

    GiGi Pre Epilation Oil is formulated to protect and prepare the skin for hard wax application. This light-weight oil allows for easier and more effective waxing while protecting and conditioning skin. How To UseApply GiGi® Pre Hon™ to area to be epilated.Pat thoroughly dry with tissue.Apply a small amount of GiGi® Pre Epilation Oil to area to be epilated. Net Weight 4 fl. oz / 118 mL Item 0901


  • Sale -50% tweezeless wax - gigi - skincare & body

    GiGi Tweezeless Wax

    DescriptionThis non-strip formula is great for minimal facial waxing services. GiGi Tweezeless Wax is perfect for quick facial wax touch-ups, making it a wonderful add-on service once the client is "in the chair." 1 oz Hair Removal WaxSpatulaInstructions Item Number: #02501 oz Read enclosed instructions before using.Test for heat as instructed to ensure wax is not too hot. Do not allow wax to set too hard and become brittle. If this occurs, apply another layer of wax over the waxed area to soften, then remove wax. Do not use on skin that is pimpled, suffers from an acne condition, or is otherwise unhealthy. Not to be used for removing underarm hair.



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