Morgan Taylor African Safari

  • Morgan Taylor No Cell? Oh, Well!

    Morgan Taylor No Cell? Oh, Well!

    No Cell? Oh, Well! from the Morgan Taylor African Safari Collection. Adventure calls this season with Morgan Taylor’s African Safari collection. This untamed range features six wildly inspired shades that will leave you ready for your own journey across the plains. Brilliant pearls of sapphire, pewter, and garnet compliment saturated crèmes giving the entire collection the uninhibited feeling that anything can happen under the starry skies of the Serengeti. How To Use • Step 1. Start by applying Base Coat to clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back. • Step 2. For a perfect polish, apply one stroke of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail. • Step 3. Then apply a second coat of nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails. • Step 4. Shine, seal, and protect with one coat of Top Coat, pulling it over the tips of the nails. Additional Details Product Type: Nail Polish Color: Blue Volume: 0.5 fl oz. / 14 mL Formaldehyde-Free & Toluene-Free SKU: 3110316 Made In The USA



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