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J. Cat Beauty Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse


PEM101 Holography Types
PEM102 Electra
PEM103 Pixie Dust
PEM104 Dreamer
PEM105 Pinky Promise
PEM106 Poppin Lockin
PEM107 Chrome Galaxy
PEM108 Champagne Wiz
PEM109 Coil Braid
PEM110 1st Attraction
PEM111 Tricky Jester
PEM112 Sorcerer
PEM113 Forest Night
PEM114 Orange U Happy
PEM115 Below Zero
PEM116 Fiery Bolt
PEM117 Houdini
PEM118 Gray Later


Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse by J. Cat Beauty.

J. Cat Beauty Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse offers maximum metallic foil effect that creates a unique look. Let the holographic metal shimmer do the magic on your eyes!

What It Does: It glides on and blends effortlessly without creasing on the lids. 

How To Use: Forget about the eyeshadow brush and swipe your finger directly into the pot and apply to the disired eye area.

Precautions: Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.

Product Type: Eye Shadow Mousse

Capacity: 1.05 fl oz. / 30 g
Item: PEM101 - PEM118
Cruelty Free - Not tested on animals. 

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