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Perfect Brow Stencil Kit by Absolute New York

Create the perfect frame to your face with the Perfect Brow Trio by Absolute New York. These reusable stencils make shaping, filling, and transforming your brows an absolute cinch! Specially designed for all brows and face shapes, Absolute New York stencils are crafted for durability and easy clean up - a must have tool for any beauty arsenal.

How to use: 

  • Neatly organize eyebrow hair with brow brush.
  • Choose stencil and ensure brow hairs fit inside the stencil's cutout.
  • Fill in brows with pencil, powder, or wax of choice.
  • Flip the stencil over and repeat for alternate brow.
  • Use only as directed. Do not use for purposes other than specified use. Keep away from children.

Contains 3 stencils.

SKU: NF058

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