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The Lovely Makeup Blender Teardrop Sponge by The Creme Shop.

Use the Creme Shop Teardrop-shaped blending sponge for flawless application and blending of liquid cosmetics, creams, and powders.

- Latex-free
- Expands when wet

How To Use: Dampen Blending Sponge with water. The sponge will expand when wet. Squeeze excess water out and use with desired cosmetic (liquids, creams, powders).

To Apply: Dip sponge into desired cosmetic and gently dab, roll, or bounce over skin. Double-ended sponge makes application to various features accessible and flawless. Use flat end for broad surfaces like cheeks and neck. Use pointed end for hard-to-reach corners like inner eyes and sides of nose,

To Clean: Hand wash with soap in warm water. Leave out to air dry.

***Colors are Random***. You'll either get pink, mint or purple!

Product Type: Makeup Blender
For Use On: Face
Color: Light Pink
UPC: 849980024596

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