Giuliano Grey Free Temporary Hair Color


Ash Brown - GL
Auburn - GL
Black - GL
Dark Blonde - GL
Dark Brown - GL
Light Blonde - GL
Light Brown - GL
Medium Blonde - GL
Medium Brown - GL


Grey Free is a safe and easy way to touch up any grey hair and provides 100% coverage. The perfect color for in between colors!


- GreyFree has a matte finish so it is perfect for men and women.
- GreyFree is safe to use even on eye brows and eye lashes.
- Shades are classic and look natural, blending with all hair types.
- You can blend colors to match any shade.
- GreyFree is excellent for low lights to match natural hair color of re-growth.
- GreyFree will not stain skin or scalp and will not stain clothing if used properly.
- Use on vacation or in between your color appointments.
- The mascara style wand allows for precise coverage on eyebrows and mustaches.
- GreyFree washes out with a single wash of soap and water.
- GreyFree can be used for blending wigs and hair pieces.


Remove Grey Free by washing your hair before using color on your hair or before visiting your hair stylist.


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